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Baby pictures!

Probably after this weekend (when I hope to visit my sister and her family) I will finally shut up about the baby. But until then, you're stuck with it!

My father wrote to a bunch of family folks:

His name is Ezra Benjamin and was born last night at about seven at night. He weighs nine pounds one ounce and is twenty one inches long. His hair is brown, but so was [my sister] Charlotte's when she was born, so there's no telling.

Char had a long labor which ended with a c section, but she is very happy and doing ok. [Her husband] Joe was great during the whole thing...very supportive and upbeat. We were visiting them while all this was going on and got to spend some time with them Sunday, but spent most of Monday by the phone waiting for news. It was all worth it, because before Chris and I left, we got to see Char, Joe, and the new baby who was only a couple of hours old.

Someone at work asked me today if being a grandfather made me feel old. I told them that the opposite was true. And when I told dad, he said that "as crazy as it sounds, this makes me feel young." I am totally enraptured with this little baby. You should have seen the way he grasped my finger and gazed up at me...

My father's wife took some pictures of my father and my nephew which he included in his message.

I'm really looking forward to seeing them this weekend. I hope they're up for it!

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