Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

the week

In the spirit of trying to organize my thinking about this week:

* Monday: Go to the Wal-Mart movie, which is playing at the IMAX theater in the Providence Place Mall at 6:30 pm.

* Tuesday: Go to see the Johnny Cash movie at Providence Place at 6:30 with Chris Monti and hopefully cgoldfish and anyone else who is interested.

* Wednesday: Drive to Massachusetts in the evening, possibly, unless I do that Thursday morning.

* Thursday: Thanksgiving in Massachusetts. Possibly stay at my father's house overnight, or maybe drive back to Providence.

* Friday: Work until 6 pm (or hopefully earlier if I am allowed to leave early), then drive to Vermont.

* Saturday: Thanksgiving Mark II with my mother and other folks in Vermont.

* Sunday: Drive home.

Other stuff: My father asked me to pick up some bread and make (or bring) a dessert for Thanksgiving, so I should call Seven Stars Bakery in the morning and see if I can reserve anything.

If drunken knitting happens this week, which I hope it will, I should be able to go -- if it happens Tuesday then I'll get there late (after movie) and if it's Wednesday then I may have to leave early (to drive to Massachusetts). But it would be good to see everyone who's around before going home.

Hope you all are well!


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