July 21st, 2003

accordion santa

Proof of concept

Last Thursday my father gave me my much-delayed birthday present, which was a Zoom PS-02 Palmtop Studio, basically a tiny three-track digital recorder with some built-in filters and other features. Due to various stuff going on I haven't really had a chance to fool around with it until today, when I sat down with the manual and got it together enough to record this three-track version of Gram Parson's Sin City (or the first verse and chorus at least; that's me playing guitar in one track and singing in the other two).

I hope to do some more recording with it, but due to various things going on this week I probably won't get to do so until the week after this one. But we'll see!
accordion santa

More fiddling with the digital recorder

I rerecorded the Interrobang Cartel song Pumpkin, Mrs. Farnsworth today using the new digital recorder referred to previously. (I also used my Mac for some things -- I started writing a long, tedious description of how I recorded the thing but it started to bore even me so I decided to give it a miss. You can thank me later.) The nose flute solo was wrestled into shape using some samples provided by Mr. Jeremy Impson.

I'm not sure if I like it better than my earlier, more bare-bones version, not to mention CB's version, but it's certainly different.

One thing about this version of the song: Even though I added an extra verse for the NOSE FLUTE SOLO, it's still thirteen seconds shorter than my previous version, which itself weighed in at a paltry 66 seconds.

I had to speed it up to match up with the AWESUM NOSE FLUTE SOLO, so it was worth it, even though I no longer have any fingers. (Depending on how many beats you think a measure have, and where you think the measures begin and end, this version of "Pumpkin, Mrs. Farnsworth" clocks in at either 165 or 330 beats per minute, either of which is pretty respectable, I think.)

Anyway, I'm proud to AFFIRM that I am not a SLAVE to the FOUR-MINUTE POP SONG FORMAT.

And now that I'm typing in all caps I should probably go to bed.