July 28th, 2003

accordion santa


On August 5th we've got an interesting gig:
August 5th. FREE OUTDOOR SHOW. Music on the Parkway, brought to you by the Mount Pleasant Crime Watch. Music from 6 to 9. Cheap eats. Chris will play a solo set and sets with Jake Haller and Gabe Luddy, and with Edward Demille and George Hardy.
The issue:

It has been indicated that the Fraternal Order of Police, who are sponsoring this event, would like it if we could play a patriotic tune or two. The problem is that there aren't any such tunes in our repertoire currently and we're not sure what a good one for us to perform would be. I suggested 'America The Beautiful' but I dunno.

So suggestions are welcome. Chris will be playing his electric guitar, Gabe will be playing a miked-up acoustic twelve-string, and I'll be on the piano; we'll all sing. To make your job either easier or harder, here's the set list we've currently got (in no particular order):
  • Absolutely Legless (written by Gabe)
  • Nadine
  • Johnny B. Goode
  • The Weight
  • The Local Expatriate (written by Chris)
  • Leaving in the Morning (written by Chris)
  • Before You Accuse Me
  • Early In The Morning
  • Bend Down Low
  • Dead Flowers
  • Midnight Special