August 3rd, 2003

accordion santa

Action Geek!

I've been reading through my accumulated issues of Action Geek over the past couple of days. It's a tiny little comic book/zine put out by a guy in Worcester, Massachusetts (where my mother is a city councilor).

In its 24 small pages (16 in the earliest issues) it manages to touch on a lot of things I'm interested in, or have encountered recently, or have heard various Kibologists obsessing about ... things like old Hostess Fruit Pies ads, early and somewhat cheesy electronic music, Cowboy Bebop,, etc.... he definitely seems to be plugged into the hivemind. (Heck, he even took pictures of bathrooms, something I did recently.) And of course the zine is free to robots, which I think is a policy everyone can support.

Probably my favorite issue so far is issue 4 (unfortunately not available online), which is about how he got in trouble for showing one of the previous issues to a coworker ...

Anyway, I think it's worth checking out. A year (= 6 issues) subscription is ten bucks, and you can read most of the already-published issues on the website.

If/when I finish putting together the long-awaited Interrobang Cartel CD, I'll probably send him a copy.