August 10th, 2003

accordion santa

The Killdevils Gig III

(This is about a show on Thursday August 8; I finally got around to putting together some notes about it tonight. I'm also posting these little commentaries on the Killdevils website, which may or may not be a great idea, but there it is.)

We had performed at this place previously, and although the crowd had been small there had been some people who seemed pretty enthusiastic about us, so we had hoped that word of mouth would get around and the crowd would be a little bigger tonight. Unfortunately, this turned out not to be the case. The owner is still willing to have us come back, but it would most likely be for a percentage of the take or something along those lines rather than the flat fee structure we've had previously. Ah well ...

Despite the small size of the audience, there were some enthusiastic folks there, including a guy who asked for our card and then told us our name wasn't that good. He might want us to play at a party he throws.

After our last show here I had noticed that over the course of the night I managed to get a blood blister on the tip of my right index finger. Tonight, I was able to determine what was most directly responsible for this phenomena; it turns out that I'm plucking pretty hard on the slide solos I take on Folsom Prison Blues, and, well:

an icky-looking blood blister on the end of my finger

Other things we learned:

  • Pool tables are really heavy and kind of tricky to set up.
  • If you have an air conditioner situated over a smoke-eater, and moisture drips from the air conditioner onto the smoke-eater, then an electrical arc may form, resulting in a loud zapping noise which can provide hours of entertainment for all.

While we were playing one of the last songs of the night, a gentleman came over and tried to strike up a conversation in which he requested that we play Tangled Up In Blue, a song Chris had played about fifteen minutes earlier. He later offered us ten dollars to play it, and finally upped the offer to twenty, but Chris politely declined. As near as I could tell the audience member did not take this personally and instead appeared to take this as some sort of symbol of our incorruptibility. (But I think we were just feeling wiped out -- don't tell anyone.)

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