September 8th, 2003

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This probably only amuses me.

Yesterday morning I was helping to disassemble a building in Massachusetts. (Well, I was removing shingles from the building. Other, more competent people did things like removing rafters.)

I thought it would be nice to listen to something while doing this, so I brought along a portable radio and tuned it in to a local NPR station so I could listen to the morning news.

After the news, a new program came on in which various stage actors read short stories by various authors. I was not particularly attached to this, but it was something to listen to.

After a while of this, one of the other house-dismantlers came over and asked me if I minded if he changed the station. I said that was fine, and thought to myself, Well, fair enough, not everyone wants to listen to NPR all day.

So he went over to the radio and switched to a classical music station.
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An airport security story

manfire reminded me of a story about my brother in law.

He was flying from Des Moines, Iowa to the East Coast and back (I believe this was for a fellowship of some kind but I might not be remembering correctly). To keep him occupied on the flight, he had brought a cross-stitch project to work on (cross-stitch is sort of similar to embroidery), which meant that he also had a small pair of embroidery scissors.

Well, of course, you can't take scissors on an airplane these days, so they confiscated the scissors, but they told him that when he came back he could go to the security counter and reclaim them if he wanted.

After his return flight, he went to the security counter where he was greeted by a rude elderly woman. When he said that he had been told he could go there to reclaim his embroidery scissors, she demanded, Who told you that? After some discussion, she finally said, Fine! You can have a look, but you probably won't be able to find them. And she took him into the inner sanctum of the security counter, where he found a bunch of buckets overflowing with embroidery scissors and other small pointy objects! It was apparently a most impressive sight.

Fortunately, his scissors were fairly distinctive looking, so he was able to find and retrieve them. The end.

The reason I was reminded of this was that manfire linked to pictures of stuff confiscated at airports, which allows you to recreate my brother-in-law's awe-inspiring experience from your own home! Enjoy.
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Pictures of the Camp

This past weekend I helped disassemble a house. It was built by my great-uncle, who sold the house and property to my father a while back. Last month there was a party there, and I took some pictures. I tried to take interior and exterior shots of it, plus some pictures of the view from inside the building (these last weren't particularly successful, but anyway ...)

The plan is to replace it with a house that can be lived in year-round, which will probably happen this spring, at which point my father and his wife will move there.

Taking it apart was a little sad, but the new house will be a great place to live, and one of the rooms will be reassembled on another relative's property, while another will be left intact and moved nearby for use as a summertime crafts center.
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Dream posts

manfire posted a list of posts about dreams that he's made, with excerpts of highlights, and this inspires me to make up a similar list.

Hm ... here's a 1998 dream in which a bunch of people wanted me to help them maintain a LAN in their apartment building:

A guy lived in and owned a building which included a bunch of apartments. (It was laid out a little oddly--the building was one story tall, with the apartments all connected but sort of spread out over a relatively large area.) As a service to his tenants, he had set up a local-area network which they could use to share files, printers, play networked games, etc. Recently, he had been violently murdered and the murderer had not yet been found.

I was too busy to help them, which they did not react very positively to.

Another dream which took place in Italy and which may have Freudian overtones but I'll thank you to ignore them:

Once the wave had gone out again we discovered that the entire tower had been destroyed. Perhaps it was divine displeasure at the uses this site of holy intervention had been put to--rumor had it that it was one of the spots lovers often used for assignations.

Then there was this very disappointing fantasy dream, in which I dreamed of a life about 10% better than the one I actually had at the time:

I got up, had a small breakfast, and went out to wait for the bus. It arrived on time. I got to work refreshed and alert and feeling productive.

A nice dream I had when I worked in tech support and also for food services:

The week before I quit my snack bar job I had a dream where someone wanted me to help them put a piece of pita bread in a floppy drive.

Also, a dream where I remembered various superhero trivia which I verified was all correct after I woke up. (Sleep geek = me.) And the dream which centered on my toenails, and the incredibly dull dream where I dreamt I was lying in my bed looking at the ceiling, and the dream where Fozzie Bear talked about his divorce, and the dream where I saved the lives of both James Bond and Ray Charles, and of course the dream where Matt McIrvin danced around dressed like a baby singing about dietary iron.

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