November 16th, 2003

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Story for today

I took a flight down to Maryland today -- I'm here for about a week for work (lots of meetings and training sessions).

On my flight down, when the stewardesses came around with the drinks tray, one of them nudged the other and said, Look, it's that tee shirt! (I was wearing my University of You Suck Cat and Girl tee shirt.)

This was a nice unexpected lift, which was appreciated since I missed the original flight I was supposed to take.
accordion santa

Other today things

Other things I did today, other than miss my flight:

I briefly visited chakaal and her roommate. We made enchiladas and played a game of Fluxx. Was fun! Hopefully we will have dinner on Tuesday. Unfortunately due to my flight-missing I didn't get a chance to see her fiance.

Then I drove to visit my old college friend Greg, who moved here a couple of months ago. He has a very nice apartment, but we were running late, so in fairly short order we went to Bethesda to have dinner at BD's Mongolian BBQ, where we met a bunch of Kibologists including manfire. Much Mongolian BBQ was eaten and much enjoyment was had.

Then I returned Greg to his house, drove to the hotel, and made these posts. The end!
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