February 4th, 2004

accordion santa

On getting shows

Here is a recent example of my attempts to get a show, which is reasonably typical.

Thursday: Call a bar in Newport that has live music. Astonishingly, talk to someone who's actually involved in bookings somehow and who seems interested in having us come play. He tells me to call back Tuesday.

Tuesday: Call back. The guy isn't there, but he'll be back in an hour. Call back in an hour. He's still not there. Call back after another hour. He's there but is in an important meeting. Leave a message. Am advised that if he doesn't call back I should try again at 10:30 on Wednesday.

Wednesday: Call at 10:30. Guy isn't there. Call back at 12:30. He's in, and after a few minutes I get to actually talk to him again! He tells me that some other guy has already booked all the dates through at least March. He's not sure about April, but he'll ask the guy about it Thursday night. I am supposed to call back Friday morning to see what's up.

And that's the story so far!