April 5th, 2004


Practice, practice, practice

I recorded a few songs during practice tonight. Both the recordings and the performances are a bit rough, but figured I'd post 'em here in case anyone's interested:

- No Money Down (a not particularly well-known Chuck Berry song) [Chris sings & plays guitar, I play slide guitar]

- Mighty Long Time, a nice little Sonny Boy Williamson II song [I play guitar and sing, Chris plays harmonica]

- That's All Right, a Jimmy Rogers song (not the Elvis one) [I sing verses 1, 3, and 4 and play guitar while Chris sings verse 2 and also plays guitar]

One of the goals in That's All Right was to make sure to clearly signal when I wanted to hand off a solo to Chris, which is why I'm so talkative during it. Heh.

You may also note that I forgot that I was supposed to take a slide solo after the second verse in No Money Down I have to practice that one some more before our show on Thursday.

More practice tomorrow afternoon -- perhaps I'll record some more then.
accordion santa

Millennium Hand and Shrimp

I said earlier that I hadn't seen anything weird today, but that was before I got today's mail and found a package from adw3345. It was rectangular came in a plain brown wrapper and made intriguing crunkling noises as I brought it upstairs.

Upon opening it, I discovered a nice little note:

Collapse )

and lifting the note, I found out what the thing actually was:

Collapse )

I suppose that I am reasonably happy, so I guess adw3345's wish came true. I hope you are happy too!

I also wonder how old this is. Can you still buy stuff with 'Millennium' printed on it?