June 21st, 2004

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Signs the DPW hates you

Yesterday evening, around 9 pm, I was driving from New Hampshire to Rhode Island on Route 95.

Just when I crossed the border from Massachusetts to Rhode Island, traffic suddenly slowed down and I was stuck in stop-and-go traffic for quite a while. After a long period of inching along, I discovered the reason for this: construction.

This point of 95 South is three lanes wide normally. What they had done, of course, was put out orange cones to gradually constrict the width to a single lane. This of course causes a lot of congestion, but that clearly wasn't enough, because they also placed it so that shortly after the highway went down to one lane an onramp came in from the right, adding even more merging delightfulness.

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Then, a little ways further, they took away the restriction -- coincidentally right when the off-ramp that corresponded to the earlier on-ramp showed up -- and we were back to normal speeds.

Well, this was annoying and all, but of course it's absurd to think that they did this purposefully to annoy motorists, right? Although I was interested to note that maybe a mile or two later they did the exact same thing.
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Historical note

This is something my father told me about when I was a kid, and for some reason I've always remembered it. But recently I tried to verify it on the web and was unable to. However, I talked to my father again last week and asked him about it and he confirmed that I didn't make it up, so here it is.

According to my father, at one point, some years after he sold Kentucky Fried Chicken, Colonel Sanders was interviewed on some teevee show. In this interview, he revealed that he disapproved of the way KFC's new owners were managing the restaurants and called one of the new products "nothing but a damn greasy doughball".

Not long after that, he was committed to a rest home.

With a bit of luck, now if someone else tries to find information about this (by, say, searching for "damn greasy doughball" on Google) they will at least be able to determine that someone else remembered the interview.