June 26th, 2004

accordion santa

Now that's entertainment!

Here's the chronology:

A while ago on NPR I heard people talking about the new remake of The Stepford Wives, and they said nice things about the original (they also liked the new one although the two versions are quite different).

So I decided to rent the original version through Netflix.

Now, I vaguely remembered that the writer of the original screenplay (which itself apparently differed greatly from what ended up on screen), William Goldman, had written about it in Adventures in the Screen Trade and said that it had the distinction of being the project on which he had the earliest warning that the project was, in some sense, doomed. So while I waited for the movie to arrive I reread the book, which is quite entertaining, and the section on The Stepford Wives is also enjoyable to read. (The script was rewritten extensively by the director, Bryan Forbes, although Goldman claims that the last quarter of the movie is pretty close to what he wrote, which he says he thinks is probably because Forbes didn't have time to rewrite the whole thing.)

Then the movie arrived and I watched it today. I liked it.

Then I noticed that there was a special feature on the DVD where they interviewed the stars and the director and maybe one or two other people, so I watched that too, and I discovered that a substantial chunk of it was devoted to the director (and maybe one or two other people) complaining about what a jerk William Goldman is.

I give this combination of media two thumbs up!
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