July 12th, 2004

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Phone Post: First phone post / yesterday's show

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“Hi! This is my first ever phone post. I'm making it to see how well this works, and also I'm told that one of my Livejournal friends would like to hear what native English speakers sound like, so here it is.

So yesterday afternoon Chris and I played a show in Warren at the Coffee Depot. It was pretty fun; Chris's friend Michele showed up. She brought her fiddle and she sat in on a few songs and that was great. She also drew some pictures of us and I'll try to scan those in sometime soon, and those are -- that's pretty fun.

Not a lot of people showed up, I think just because it was a beautiful day out and they would just as soon be outside enjoying the weather as hanging out in a coffee shop listening to a band they've never heard of, but my landlord did come and brought some friends, which was very nice, and a couple of people also showed up because we did get a nice write-up in the Warren newspaper, so that was also appreciated. And we had a fun time playing together.

Chris told me that when he stopped by earlier in the week to drop off the poster, he saw the owner and the owner was kind of giving him a strange look. So he went up to him and he said, you know, "I'm Chris Monti," and the owner said, "Yeah, I remember who you are." Chris said, "Well, uh, yeah, I'm just here to drop off a poster since we're playing here on Sunday," and the owner said, "You're playing here on Sunday?" So, I mean, it all worked out, obviously, but it seems like that kind of thing happens a lot more than I really would have expected, so that's just a strange thing. Anyway, it all worked out.

So, I guess that's the end of the post and I look forward to hearing what it sounds like. So long!”

Transcribed by: jwgh