August 12th, 2004


Playing at Billy Goode's

Last night's show went really well!

We played from 9 to midnight, which we split into two sets, and one of the customers requested a song that we were actually able to play (Bob Dylan's Desolation Row. Between sets and after the show people said nice things to us, and the owner was encouraging. Even unloading all the equipment at the end of the night didn't seem too painful.

I mostly played my keyboard, but at the beginning of the second set I pounded out a few solo instrumentals on the upright piano they have there. Avoiding the sour notes was a little tricky, though. (I was thinking about offering to pay to get the piano tuned so I wouldn't have to bring the keyboard on future shows ... I still might do it, but I'm leaning towards not.)

After the show we went to a diner and I had some pancakes. So today I am very tired. Also I want more pancakes.

Billy Goode's is kind of amazing. I looked at their schedule and they have music seven days a week, which is pretty rare, and they don't charge any cover.

Unfortunately getting a show there is like pulling teeth, but hopefully now that we've played there twice it will become easier ... we'll see. (Chris is supposed to call them today to try to schedule another show.)

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