August 18th, 2004


Upcoming musicalness

A couple of items that I need to add to the website:

* Chris and I plan to go to the Narrows Center for the Arts in Fall River tomorrow for the open mike. We went once before (over a year ago, admittedly) and it was really good -- a lot of people played, almost all of them did original stuff, and none of them sucked! So hopefully it's still like that.

* On Saturday August 28 we'll be opening for Paul Geremia at Billy Goode's (corner of Marlboro and Farewell Streets in Newport, RI). That means we'll start playing at 8:30 pm or slightly before and continue until Mr. Geremia shows up, which will probably be around 9:30.

Geremia is an excellent acoustic blues player (pretty consistently rated the best in a lot of blues polls) so he's worth checking out ... saying nothing of Chris and I, of course.

I should also mention that Chris has a bunch of other shows around playing solo or with his other band -- in those kinds of settings he typically plays a lot more original material. Outasite!