November 23rd, 2004


hip hop

A few weeks ago or so Chris Monti met some members of a hiphop band called 'M.I.A.' and they got along quite well. The M.I.A. members suggested to him that they might do a show together, an idea that Chris was pretty psyched about.

The basic idea is that Chris would get together a few people to provide an accompaniment for the group. They talked to him again a couple of weeks ago and it looks like it's on -- they've got a show at AS220 on December 9 and they want Chris to provide backup.

Chris has drafted (not that they needed much persuading) most of his other band for the project, so he's got Ed Demille providing beats and Francis Brennan on bass. He's also asked me to play keyboards. So I'm going to give it a whirl. Unfortunately I'm going to miss the first practice, which is tonight (I'm driving up to New Hampshire), but I'll go to Sunday's and we'll see how it goes. Chris gave me a CD of theirs for me to listen to. It's not really a style I've played before but the keyboard parts are pretty simple. The plan is to plug the keyboard into my computer and use Garage Band MIDI stuff, which hopefully will work OK.

I am slightly scared to death.
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    The Way The Story Begins - M.I.A.
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