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December 13th, 2004

accordion santa

Review of Thursday's show

Artist Peter John Boyle wrote up some reviews of recent AS220 shows including last Thursday's. Since it's mixed in with a bunch of other reviews and I don't see an obvious way to link just to it I'll reproduce it here.

the reviewCollapse )
accordion santa

Evening out

Tonight I played hooky from my weekly Newport show (Chris agreed to go solo for the night) and instead headed up to Berklee college of music to see killerwolf's senior voice recital.

It was fun, and killerwolf did some really great singing! The set list was:

  1. It's Gonna Be A Long Night (Ween)
  2. You Suck (Murmurs)
  3. Need You Tonight (Michael Hutchence)
  4. Glory Box (Gibbons)
  5. Dress (P.J. Harvey)
  6. You're No Good (C. Ballard)
  7. Toxic (Dinnis-Karlsson-Winnberg-Jonback)
  8. Perry Mason (Osbourne-Wylde-Purdell)
  9. Love Sick (B. Dylan)
  10. Do I Move You (N. Simone)
  11. With Or Without You (Bono-Edge-Clayton-Mullen Jr.)

The Nina Simone song was a nice slow bluesy song that I particularly remember. (Also, "You're No Good" reminded me of my childhood -- I think my sister had that song on a 45 rpm record.)

I didn't get a copy of the program until I left, so it wasn't until I got home that I noticed that they ran out of time before they could do the last two songs on the set list:

  1. America (T. Parker-M. Stone)
  2. Gimme Shelter (Richards-Jagger)

which is a pair of damn shames.

Despite which I had a great time. Thanks for letting me know about this, killerwolf!

(Also, maybe someday I will drive around in Boston without getting lost.)

Edit: I should also mention that her hair, dress, and jacket were fabulous!

accordion santa

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