January 11th, 2005


Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

This coming


Chris and I are playing at AS220 in what might be The Killdevils's first official Providence gig. Also, in keeping with AS220's new policy, we will be playing (almost) all original songs! Songs like:
  • Chris's 'Green Mountain Blues'
  • my 'Lady Luck'
  • Chris's 'The Local Expatriate'
  • my 'Roommate Blues', inspired by discussions at the snbprov
and a bunch of others both new and old. Plus 'St. Louis Blues', because it's public domain, and because it is my heart.

We'll go on at 9 pm and play about 45 minutes. There will be two other bands playing: Route 44 and Fancy Trash. Cover will be $6. If you're in Rhode Island come and check it out!

For more information, including a complete list of shows, see:
accordion santa

Musician question

So, what do the musicians and songwriters (and, I guess, anyone else who is interested) out there think of this?

(Summary: Local music club/artist's collective is boycotting ASCAP and BMI and are requiring bands who play there to perform only original music or other music they have a right to play for free.)

My own opinion, which is worth not very much because I am not all that well-informed on the issue, is that it's abstractly a good idea, but that it makes it difficult for a band like mine (which usually plays a lot of covers) to play there.