January 12th, 2005


Lyrics meme

urbeatle came up with a variation on a meme that's going around:
  1. Comment here and I'll pick one of your LJ interests and write lyrics, in a style of my choosing.
  2. You have no say in what I write for you, or the quality thereof.
  3. Put this in your journal along with the lyrics written for you (or something similarly artistic or crafty; the original meme called for sketches instead of songwriting).
And there you have it.

hip hop from the soul

Man, lots of music posts lately.

Well, anyway. Some of y'all may remember that last month I participated in a hip-hop show that at least one person really enjoyed. After my posts about it a couple of people expressed interest in hearing recordings of the show, especially the song 'How U Feelin' or 'Hip Hop From The Soul', which featured some rapping over BB King's 'The Thrill Is Gone'.

I still haven't heard a recording of the show (though supposedly there's a video), but last week we all got together for a practice which Chris recorded, so here it is:

Update: And here's a bit of random noodling that may never turn into anything. Still, it's kind of fun-kay in parts, I think.

a knitting post for a change

OK, so you've got a little speaker system for use with a computer: Collapse ) and you want to be able to take it places, but it's a little unwieldy to do that. So what do you do?

Well, if you're me, you make one of these: Collapse )with little holes for the wires in back and pockets to store the wires.

Here it is in use on a table: Collapse ) Somewhat to my surprise, it actually can be used to carry the speaker system around without stuff falling out: Collapse )
All of this will be Exhibit One when my family finally decides to get me committed, I'm sure.

(The yarn was given to me a few months ago by kerri9494!
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