January 23rd, 2005

bunny ears

tomorrow plans

What are the actual odds that I will do more than one or two of these? We'll find out!

Anyway, some thing I am thinking of doing tomorrow:

- Waiting (if necessary) until the snow stops, then shoveling my car out [or maybe I'll wait until Monday].

- MAYBE going to a knitting or craft store to get the stuff I need to finish up the yeti I'm knitting, but this is even more of an outside shot than the rest of the stuff on this list [Accuweather says it'll snow until 7 pm, so this would appear to be out.]

- Work on some of the remaining Livejournal lyrics

- Maybe record a piano solo for a sekret project

- More watching of DVDs and knitting of gloves

- Pay bills

- Make a nice lunch or dinner or something using the ingredients I purchased today

- Drink hot chocolate

- Attempt to figure out lyrics and chords for a couple of songs The Killdevils want to cover

- Update websites

Hmmmmmm. Maybe I should go to bed soon.


I kind of wish I knew how snow is getting in my bedroom window, but it seems to be pretty mysterious, apart from the general principle that my apartment is about as airtight as a screen door.

I actually have a theory or two, but they seem to violate physics.


A strategically placed towel will, I hope, prevent any additional snow from getting blown onto me as I sleep. I guess I should add 'talk to landlord about windows' to my list of things to do tomorrow.

(Folks with paid accounts may be interested to know that the above photo was uploaded using this new livejournal feature.)
accordion santa

More snow photos

upstairs porch
Here's what it looks like on the second floor porch.
front door Hmmm, apparently this door isn't completely secure against the wind.
downstairs porch My landlord's already done some shovelling. How nice!
more shovelling You can see that he shovelled a little path down the steps and directly to the street.

I foolishly keep my snow shovel in my car's trunk, so I will have to wait for the landlord to do a little more shovelling before I can start to shovel out my car. (On the other hand, it's supposed to snow for another eleven hours, so maybe there's no rush.)


Livejournal lyrics challenge concluded

The Challenge:

I asked people to let me know if I should look at the interests listed in their Livejournal profile, pick one or more of them, and write a set of lyrics based on the interest. I could pick whatever interests I wanted (they could request one but I was free to ignore the request if I wanted) and I made no guarantee as to the quality of what I came up with.

The Results:

are below. I am generally quite happy with them (although there are some weak spots), and I hope the people I wrote them for are too! It took me eleven days to write them all.

It's possible I might record some of them at some point, but I'm not sure when, and if someone else wants to take a whack at any of 'em feel free to do so (and do whatever lyrical tweaking you consider necessary).

Watching Esperanto Movies (and Baywatch in Lojban) [for urbeatle]

Collapse )

Scorched Earth Party (for ronebofh)

Collapse )

The Nomic Song (for doctroid)

Collapse )

Programming Prose (for boutell)

Collapse )

Life Expectancy (for restartsmyheart)

Collapse )

Interests Are For Jerks (for sanspoof)

Collapse )

Oh, Batman (for paperclippy)

Collapse )

Pickle Postcards (for margo_virago)

Collapse )

Avocados and Beer (for saucypunk)

Collapse )

Molesting Yarn (for penelope_arcade)

Collapse )