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February 15th, 2005

accordion santa

(no subject)

Happy cheap candy day, everyone!

(also, note to restartsmyheart: ugly baby alert)

spam, grrr

Subject: Are you sure your site listed in Google?
Pretty sure. How else would jerkstove spammers like you have found me?
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bunny ears

Fat Bat: the adventure begins

My sister and her family recently moved into the house that we grew up in, and when she was tidying up one of the rooms recently she found an old book that my mother helped me put together when I was quite young (I'm guessing I was four or five). And now I've scanned it in! [start at page one]
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hip-hop show tomorrow at AS220

I am not up to writing something witty about this, so instead I will replicate two things that other people have written about it. First, Chris Monti says:
Mornin Y'all,
The Killdevils had a good nite at Billy Goode‚s last night. Although it lacked one of the two components that make for a GREAT nite at Billy Goode's: One, someone passing out during our set, or Two, someone falling off their stool during our set. One can only look to the future and hope.

Ok.. Hip Hop:
Plan B and Third Story Congress will be at AS220 tomorrow night (that's Wednesday, little boy). Boston Hip Hoppers Savin Ill go on at 9, Plan B and 3SC at 10, and Waterbed featuring B.C. and Poet for on at 11 and play till morning.

Live Hip Hop, dance music, blardy blardy blar.

I hope you all are well.

-Chris (Currently d-hip-hop-itizing to some Brahms (1833-1897), apparently quite a hipster in his day. When asked in an interview what he liked to do in his spare time he responded, "In denen ausgearbeitete Werk von symphonischen bis hin zu Mozart wie eigenstandig das bluntensichtlich," which to my understanding translates to, "I like to kick back, smoke an L, and rock some Mozart on the old harpsichord, you dig?")

ps AS220 115 Empire St Prov
and on AS220's website it says:
Plan B - better known as MR. BODEGA - will have you breaking your neck to uptempo hip hop beats and a dirty south flow. Hip hop from the soul. This is a get crunk event, with special guests CHRIS MONTI and THIRD STORY CONGRESS providing hot live beats for M.I.A. Live band hip hop at AS220 - the feel of the Roots, but not as conscious.
Well, OK, I'm not sure what any of that means, but it will be a nifty show and everyone in Providence who is even marginally interested should show up, says I, because a good time will be had. Yes!

Here are some practice recordings which may give you some sort of idea.

Also, I will be playing keyboards.
accordion santa

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