March 16th, 2005


experiment #1

The old M-Audio Firewire 410 arrived in the mail today, so I unpacked it and installed the drivers and tried it out to see it out. The result:

For this I used the MIDI input, one of the XLR inputs (for the vocal microphone), and one of the quarter-inch inputs (for the piano -- yes, I pointlessly mixed the fake piano sound from my keyboard with one of the fake piano sounds built into Garage Band).

So it seems to work. Now to read the manual to figure out how to make it dance and sing!

Chris is coming over to practice tonight, so if all goes well I will be able to do some nice recordings of that. Then hopefully this weekend (if not sooner) I can take a whack at recording the song of your choice -- you've still got a little while to vote if you haven't already!
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OK, it turns out that the quarter-inch inputs on the back and the XLR inputs on the front can't both be used at the same time -- the four inputs are: two analog (quarter inch/XLR), one digital, one MIDI. So the box is still quite useful, especially for home solo recordings, but it isn't going to be the singing, dancing, bread-slicing solution to all my problems that I was hoping it would be.

(While I thought it had four analog ins I was thinking of all kinds of crazy stuff I could do: "I'll record the line-out on my guitar and mike it and sing, and I can play the tambourine! With my foot! And I can mike that!" )

Still and all, recorded some stuff with Chris earlier this evening. I'll try to get it edited and in shape tonight or tomorrow and hopefully will be able to upload some of it.
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