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March 17th, 2005

accordion santa

error message du jour

Error while performing unknown task for <<Dominant>>: No response from server after 120 seconds.
accordion santa


Nothing like spilling a couple of bottles of cherry soda to motivate you to do a bit of long-overdue mopping!

A couple of recordings from last night

I might upload some more later after consulting with Chris, but I think it's OK to share a couple of the recordings we did at practice last night using the new audio gear.

First, we have me singing the creepy and spooky Ray Charles song I Believe To My Soul. There's sort of a glaring error in my piano part early on, and some of my phrasing is a bit eccentric, but I'm pretty happy with how it sounds.

Next, we have Chris Monti singing his nifty composition The JCBFI Blues.

I am very ignorant about how mixing is supposed to work, and it's probably pretty clear that's the case to people who do know about such things -- the popping 'puh's in the second recording in particular would have been eliminated (or at least minimized) by a more competent recording engineer. Hopefully as I get more experienced with the software and the recording process I will learn how to deal with stuff like that.

In semi-related news:

Three sets of lyrics tied for first place with four votes each in the Great Lyrics Vote-A-Thon: Scorched Earth Party, Interests Are For Jerks, and Pickle Postcards. I think that this means that I will try to come up with recordings for all three, but that is self-evidently insane, so I may give up at some point. Anyway, I've recorded a very rough draft of Interests Are For Jerks but I need to do some more thinking about exactly how I want to structure it -- hopefully this week I'll have something for public consumption, if I'm lucky!
accordion santa

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