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March 24th, 2005

accordion santa

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That's right, the Doctor Who socks project is finally done! Well, except I still have to work some ends in.

'Interests' recordings!

When last this topic was visited, I had sort of said that I was going to try to record three of the 'interests' songs this week. A little more than halfway through the week I'm halfway there!

Scorched Earth Party

[lyrics] [recording]

It was fun to write a march, although it wouldn't surprise me greatly to find out that I unconsciously stole the melody from somewhere. (The only thing that makes me think that that might not be the case is that an earlier version was similar in some way to It's A Small World After All, so I would hope that the changes I made to reduce its smallworldesqueness would not have resulted in another preexisting melody.)

I ran up against the problem of how to make it sound like there's a crowd of people singing when in reality there's only me and I didn't really find a satisfactory solution to it. Oh well.

The song is based on one of ronebofh's livejournal interests, and ronebofh, crisper, richtermom, and tongodeon voted for this song. I hope they're happy now!

Interests Are For Jerks

[lyrics] [recording]

This is a sort of punky version of this song, based on sanspoof's sole listed livejournal interest. The guitar and vocal parts were recorded at the same time, the bass part (which is just my guitar transposed down an octave) was recorded separately, and the drum part is a mutated varion of a Garage Band loop.

After I recorded this version I had a discussion with sanspoof in which she convinced me that I should do an Ink Spots-like version of the song, so that's in the works. (This also explains how I can be halfway through recording three sets of lyrics.)

Other recording stuff

I figured out the lyrics to a couple of New Orleans songs this week and decided to record them. Here they are:

accordion santa

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