April 5th, 2005

accordion santa


Yesterday I went out to my car around midday and discovered that one of the tires was flat. Curses!

So I called AAA and they came and put on the tiny emergency tire that is in my trunk. Hurrah!

But they mentioned that one of the lug nuts was missing from that particular tire. Drat!

So I took the car to the tire warehouse today and explained the situation, and they gave me a new tire. Yay!

However, I noticed a little while ago that I'm still minus a lug nut. What the hell?

The end. Or is it?

Now I go to watch a Swedish movie.

Incidentally, the AAA guy asked me if I had driven over any potholes lately. It is to laugh!

I asked him if he had been getting a lot of calls like this recently. Apparently, this was to laugh also!