April 12th, 2005


word to the east side

Chris and I had practice tonight, and it went really well; some nights things just click and this was one of those nights. (Normally we would be playing at Billy Goode's on Mondays, but we've been bumped for a darts tournament. Actually, this is probably something that I should discuss with Chris this week. But anyway ...) This made me happy, because my day was not otherwise notably productive.

If it's nice and reasonably warm (which is a little questionable -- weather.com seems to think it will be around 50) then we may go do a little more street musicianing on Thayer Street on Wednesday evening.

(Mental note: if it looks like this is actually going to happen I should change my guitar strings before we head out.)

Further bulletins as events warrant!
accordion santa

Modifying the week's plan

Let's see. Working backwards:

- Chris has been talking about putting together a dance band, and he, I, and two other people actually met last Thursday to talk about if it was worth trying or not (this is why I had to duck out of sushi early). The tentative decision was that, yes, we should try having a practice on Sunday to see how it went.

- However, on Sunday around 5 pm I got a call from Chris indicating that practice was off and probably so was the entire dance band concept. It turns out that this was overstated, however. This was clarified today.

- So on Friday we'll have an actual practice. (Which means I'll miss the Friday SNB again. Sigh.)

- Which means that tomorrow Chris and I should probably try to work out some arrangements of stuff to try in the larger group on Friday.

- Which means: no street musicianing tomorrow. Oh well!

The dance band thing should be fun, though. Mmmmm.

Also: live music at Trinity Brewhouse on Wednesdays appears to be no longer happening (though this, too, may be overstated), and many of the musicians who previously played at Trinity are now at the Hi-Hat on Point Street. So tomorrow night I will probably go to check out the Hi-Hat and see if I want to bring my father and his wife there next week when they may be visiting.

The end.