April 14th, 2005

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Hi-Hat report

I went to the Hi-Hat on Point Street tonight to see Thom Enright's band and generally to scope out the situation. I ended up catching the second set, which went from around 10 pm to around 11 pm. The lineup was:
  • Thom Enright -- electric guitar and vocals
  • Keith Munslow -- piano and vocals
  • Marty Ballou -- electric bass
  • Mike Warner -- drums
  • somebody who I don't know who it was -- saxophone
Plus a woman named Diane sat in for a couple of songs (she sang and played harmonica). I'm not sure how much the lineup changes from week to week.

The music was good and there was no cover. (Best song: 'Right String, Wrong Yo-Yo', featuring Keith on vocals and culminating in an awesomely great bass/drum solo.) The food selection was limited and expensive, however ($10 for a hamburger with chips; if you wanted french fries they cost $4; desserts were $7). I didn't have any drinks (I met up with some folks I know there and they ended up buying some rounds; I owe them a round next time) but I assume that their cost is in line with the food, so: expensive. Eat dinner somewhere else first.

Because of the cost this is unlikely to become my new Wednesday night thing (since music Wednesdays at Trinity is, apparently, dead), but I do expect to stop by every so often, particularly if someone's visiting from out of town who would enjoy the music.
accordion santa

unexpected use of unicode (http://www.vex.net/~smarry/unicode-story.html)

I was in the burritza place on Thayer Street and I noticed that the burrito half had a sign up with prices for side orders. The cheapest item was like 55 cents.

But instead of rendering this as '55¢' (fifty-five cents) it was rendered as '55⊄' (fifty-five is not a proper subset of).

This made me happy.
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