May 8th, 2005

accordion santa

Baseball, and a story of bathroom ettiquette

cgoldfish and I went to see the Red Sox play today at noon (the first game of a doubleheader), with tickets provided by my father and stepmother (who also attended the game), and it was a lot of fun! And the Red Sox won! Huzzah! Although annarama points out they lost the second game of the doubleheader.

Man, but I could sleep for about a thousand years now.

Anyway, after the game we all went to a barbeque place for an early dinner or late lunch, and after we ate we all decided to make use of the bathrooms before we headed to the subway station.

In this particular restaurant, the men's and women's rooms both are just single rooms with locks; there aren't separate stalls (and there's only a toilet in the men's room, no urinal). The result is that there is often a long line at the men's room (but not the women's room for some reason).

This upsetting of the natural order of things makes some men unhappy. (My stepmother and cgoldfish seemed to get a certain pleasure out of it, however.) While my father and I were waiting for the men's room to be vacated, another guy walked up and got in line behind us. After a few seconds, he said, "Is there more than one toilet in there?"

"No," we said, "just one."

But, you know, seeing is believing, so after pondering the situation for a brief moment he strode forward decisively and pushed the door open about a foot so he could check out the situation. The occupant of the bathroom hadn't locked the door, probably assuming that since there was a line it wasn't necessary, and so Mr. Impatient got a good look at another man peeing into the single toilet in the bathroom.

"Oh, jeez," he said, disgusted, and he walked away. My father and I looked at each other. I said, "I think I'll lock the door when it's my turn."

I think that the guy left because he realized that by pushing the door open he had revealed that he didn't trust our word on this important question, and that waiting in line with us would therefore be a little awkward. He may also have wished to avoid encountering the guy he had just seen peeing.

This somehow reminds me of an earlier bathroom adventure.