May 9th, 2005


filthy poetry

For some reason I wrote a bunch of dirty poetry yesterday. And this morning. *cough*

doctroid posted this dirty limerick to alt.religion.kibology:

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and Kibo posted a challenge to turn it into a Shakespearian sonnet. I wrote something that was four lines short of a sonnet, doctroid called me on it, and I wrote this expanded version, which I think is superior anyway, despite containing what might be considered 'fat humor', which I don't really approve of:

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Next, plorkwort challenged people to write dirty limericks about Daleks. I came up with three:

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The entire dirty Dalek limerick discussion can be found here. My favorite one is this one by doctroid.

(A couple of the poems above differ slightly from the versions I posted to a.r.k.)

accordion santa

Welcome to domestic life on the farm!

Alan Colmes interviewed Neal Horsley (an anti-abortion activist who publishes the names of doctors who perform abortions on a website, one of whom has been killed) on the radio and the discussion took a very strange turn. Here is a non-worksafe excerpt of the radio show. An attempt at a partial transcript follows. Corrections are welcomed.

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