May 24th, 2005


Curse you, Debbie Bliss!

The gauge square I finished knitting this evening is too big; was supposed to be 4"x4" but is instead 5"x5". Not sure what to do about this. I will think about this some more tomorrow after I have gotten sleep.

It's a sweater for a baby. The size I was going to make was for 2-3 year olds:

Chest measurement: 27 1/2"
Length: 15"
Sleeve seam: 9"

The only smaller size is for one year olds:

Chest: 24 1/2"
Length: 13"
Sleeve: 8"

but that would still end up being too big if it scaled up to the same proportions as the gauge (24 1/2" x 5" / 4" = 30 5/8" = the chest of a mighty baby whose like has not been seen in these parts).

I guess the thing to do is try doing the gauge on #2 needles instead of #3s and see what happens. Or I could try adjusting the pattern and hope it works out, but that seems like it's asking for trouble (although I think I did that successfully on another sweater).

Or I could just make a damn blanket already. I have to go to A Stitch Above tomorrow during lunch break to get some other supplies and they should have the denim yarn required to make a start on the other baby-related project I've been considering. I gather that for best value I should do my denim yarn shopping online, but I could get a few skeins to start with, anyway.

This post just gets longer and longer the more I edit it, so it is probably time to post it and go to bed.
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walking, yes indeed

This week in walking:

Today: I'll park up by Reflections (at Wickendon and Governor streets) around 6:30 or so and walk to Jake's and back.

Wednesday: No plans yet. Maybe stroll around downtown?

Thursday: After work (6 pm or so) I'll drive up to Reflections, wander around for a while, then return to Reflections for SNB. (I'll have to leave SNB early, around 8:15 pm, to go to band practice.)

Friday and the weekend: This is Brown's commencement weekend, so some friends will be coming to town for reunion. I will try to figure out when they're showing up and what my schedule is today hopefully.

I think I've been keeping to the 5-6 days of walking for a half hour per week schedule that was recommended to me by the doctor. In less encouraging news, last night was the first day that I failed to go on a walk out of sheer lameness; I should really try to avoid just taking days off for the hell of it.

Anyway, if anyone wants to walk with me this week let me know.
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spam oddity

I've seen spam before where random letters are inserted into words to defeat anti-spam filters. The results range from the relatively comprehensible 'The women are all reaijqgul and all horxumny as hell! ' to (a personal favorite) 'Where the women_avtre_easy and the shmoilex is frettvle! ' which takes a little thought to decode.

Today I got a spam which inserted entire sentence fragments into the middle of words. This makes it very difficult to tell which parts of the message are the parts that are trying to sell you something and which parts are random bits of text grabbed from somewhere.
Hello, PharmacyBybe judged from appearances.Mail SHOP tender-hearted man, possessing his vision and his knowledge, mightWelcomes you!

Our new great othat the defenders were being driven steadily back. By sunset twoffer:
take the risk of correcting it?"VlAGRA ClALher face.lS Vceased.ALlUM LE"Propose it, then," said Blood, without interest.VlTRA These straggling, excited groups were mainly composed of men withand many other

for VERY Rhour, perhaps, before she came to anchorage within the harbour. AndEASONABLE PRlCES.

With each purchgreat number of negroes.ase you get:

Top quaIwas examining the receding squadron, observed things apparentity
the stout Walls which fortify it, would appear to have no otherHome deIivery
Total confswindled, but also M. de Cussy and the volunteers and negroesidentiaIity

Just try us and you will not be diupon him in evil mockery. Then he controlled himself as if by ansappointed!
Great number of negroes? I think we can all agree that the shmoilex is frettvle, indeed.

(Incidentally, the non-spam text appears to be taken at least in part from Captain Blood, a book which appears to have been published in 1922.)
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music practice notes

We played a lot of goofy stuff last night that is unlikely to ever be performed publicly. It was a lot of fun! Among the pieces played were:

- Back in Black (sort of)
- Tequila
- Wipe Out
- Earth Angel
- A medley of Also Sprach Zarathustra, Violence, and Folsom Prison Blues.

Less goofy songs that were played included:

- Hard to Handle
- Money (That's What I Want)
- Rock & Roll [the Velvet Underground song]
- Cities
- cats [a Chris Monti original]
- Leaving in the Morning (another CMonti song)
- Papa Was A Rolling Stone
- I Feel Like Dynamite
- I'm The Slime
- You Gotta Serve Somebody

This probably demonstrates that goofiness is somewhat in the eye of the beholder.