May 27th, 2005

accordion santa

Minor birthday stuff revisited

As previously mentioned, tomorrow (Friday May 27) I turn 33, so I thought I would have a little celebration on Saturday (although mostly it would be an excuse to go out and listen to some good live music).

As it happens this weekend is also commencement weekend at Brown and there's a ton of stuff going on, and I also have some folks visiting from out of town and it's not totally clear yet what they'll want to do, so the plan is vaguer than I would like. But here it is, basically:

Saturday May 28 around 9 pm -- Me and some friends will show up at Jake's Bar & Grille to see the Superchief Trio play with The Cobramatics. I believe the show will start at 10 pm.

We might have dinner there before the show, or we might go to Mo Joe's at 166 Broadway (the Soapbox Fest, which was originally going to happen at Westside Arts next door but got moved due to weather, is at Mo Joe's starting at 4:30, and my buddy Chris Monti is probably going to go on slightly before 6 pm), or we might end up doing something else altogether; if you'd like in on the dinner plans feel free to give me a call Saturday afternoon (401-419-0367 is my cell phone number).

Since this weekend is going to be pretty wacky for everyone I expect most people will have other plans, so I think I might try to organize something a little bigger for next weekend. I will post more about that later if it looks like that will pan out.)

If I don't see you, have a great weekend!