May 31st, 2005

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The week in walking

Today I had a nice stroll through Roger Williams Zoo with cgoldfish, grocersfreezer, oliviazb, and my friend Craig (visiting from New Jersey). Mmmm, zoo.

For the rest of the week ...

- Tuesday (the 31st) I'd like to take a stroll around Federal Hill or the East Side before going to Mo Joe's at 7 for knitdrinkprov.

- Wednesday is a bit on the vague side right now. Any ideas? I will probably have dance band practice this night.

- Thursday is probably another East Side stroll leading up to a snbprov meetup at 7 pm at Reflections (Wickendon & Governor Streets).

- The weekend -- also a bit vague right now. I think the band is playing at a party (finally) on Friday the 3rd; the rest of the weekend should be relatively flexible. If you've got something you'd like to do let me know!

As usual, if you want to go walking with me this week comment or otherwise get in touch!
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Walking tonight update

After consulting with margo_virago, here's the basic plan for tonight.

At 6:15 or shortly thereafter, meet up outside 85 Courtland Street (right off Broadway), and walk around the Armory before heading over to Mo Joe's. You can see the basic route we'd be taking on Google Maps.

margo_virago's also probably going to post about this to knitdrinkprov, so if you want to go comment there or here, or let one of us know through some other means, so that we know not to leave without you!

I'm going to swing by the East Side to pick up cgoldfish before heading over; if you also live on the East Side and would like a ride let me know. (I don't, as a rule, drink, so I can be a designated driver.)

If you have trouble finding the place or need to get in touch for some other reason you can call me on my cell phone: 401-419-0367.

See y'all later!
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Things that can see me in hell

- The pull switch for the light in my bathroom

- People who respond to email messages without reading them

- Hardware stores that close at 6 pm every day of the week, making it impossible to go to them

- No, seriously, the pull switch for the light in my bathroom is really ticking me off

(Apologies to christychristy.)