June 8th, 2005

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Walking this week

I don't have anything very specific planned this week, but here's my schedule:

- Tonight (Wednesday) I don't have anything going on, so I can walk anytime after 6:30. If you want to do something comment or IM me (AIM account jwgh).

- Thursday I've got SNB at 7 pm, so probably a quick walk starting and ending around there. Probably leave around 6:15.

- Friday I think there is stuff going on in the evening but I'm not sure what. But anyway an earlyish walk around 6:30 or 7 pm should be fine.

- The weekend I've got a meeting to go to at 1 pm on Saturday. I think it might be fun to have a nice long walk down Blackstone Boulevard, or in Roger Williams Park, or something.

If you're interested in any of this, please comment or otherwise get in touch and we'll figure out a plan!
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Pie crust notes

The pie crusts I made yesterday turned out better than any pie crusts I've made before, I think, so here are some notes that might help me replicate this success next time.

Let's see.

I used the 'Basic Pie Dough' recipe in the Joy of Cooking. I multiplied the quantities by 1 1/2, which seemed to work out pretty well for a pair of one-crust 9-inch pie crusts.

I didn't have a pastry blender and they didn't seem to sell them at the Stop & Shop so I ended up using a potato masher instead, which seemed to work pretty well.

The Joy says to cut (or, in my case, mash) half the shortening into the flour mixture until it has 'the grain of cornmeal' (which I took to mean 'until it's all mashed together really good and there aren't any big blobs of anything'), then to mash the rest of it in until it is pea-sized.

It said to use four tablespoons of water. However, I recall that flour absorbs moisture from the air when it is really humid, which it was yesterday, so I ended up using more like 3 1/2 tablespoons.

After that I gathered the dough into a couple of balls, wrapped it in waxed paper, and put it in the fridge for about a half hour. This is a trick my father told me about and it makes the dough roll better for some reason, maybe because it allows the moisture in the dough to equalize.

Then I rolled the dough out on a floured board. Once it was the right size I used a spatula to fold it into thirds and transfer it to the pie plate. Then I unfolded it, repositioned it, and shaped the edges. Then I stabbed it with a fork quite a bit, maybe one set of fork-pricks every inch, so that no bubbles would form while I was cooking it. Ideally I would have put something in the pie plate on top of the dough to make sure that it didn't bubble or otherwise deform, but I didn't have anything suitable, so I just had to trust to the fates.

The recipe said to cook for 8-12 minutes. It's necessary to check it pretty often, since once it's cooked it will go on to being burned very quickly. The bottom of the dough should brown very lightly.
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piefest june 2005

The reason I made the pies yesterday was for knitdrinkprov's first ever piefest, held in the courtyard of the houses that cgoldfish and saucypunk live in. I only took one picture there, but here it is:

KnitDrinkProv 7 June 2005

restartsmyheart brought a key lime pie, which was very tart and yummy!

At more or less the last minute the idea of having my band play there came up. Carrie and Katy helped me track down their landlord to get it okayed, which was very nice of them (and of him). It was the dance band's first performance in front of anybody and it was a lot of fun!

The downside was that I didn't get too much time to socialize with anyone (or take more pictures), so I will just have to talk to people twice as much at the next drunken knitting event, which probably won't be too hard since I'm usually pretty quiet.

Two-thirds of one of my pies was still left at the end of the night, so I took it home. We will see how long it lasts.

ice cream truck music

WFMU's Liz Berg posted a few links to mp3s of ice cream trucks, including the 'Down By The Station' one that has tortured Kibo for the past couple of years.

This made me think of what songs might make good ice cream truck jingles. A few jazz tunes might be nice; I'm thinking John Coltrane's 'Giant Steps' (which I once heard a tuba player play an awesome version of on Thayer Street) and maybe Thelonious Monk's 'Mysterioso'.

I'm also strangely attracted to the idea of hearing an ice cream truck playing an arrangement of 'I Wanna Be Sedated'.

What would you pick?
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I dunno if anyone else listens to Seven Second Delay, but I was one of the callers tonight, as was manfire! (In fact, I think manfire is probably single-handedly responsible for Andy losing.)

When the show is archived (probably later tonight) I will post relevant excerpts.

The topic of the show was: listeners called up to give fatherly advice, and then at the end of the show all of the advice was spliced together and played to someone who doesn't have a father.
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Seven Second Delay clips!

OK, here are the clips of me calling in to Seven Second Delay on WFMU earlier this evening. First, you can listen to the final fatherly advice montage first and see if you can figure out which one is me. Then, listen to the part of the show where I called. Woo!

Despite Ken Freedman's skepticism, this is in fact some advice my father gave me after we watched the movie Matewan, a movie whose characters could have used the advice in question.