June 10th, 2005


Advertisement badness

I see once again I am not going to sleep much tonight.

Anyway, in the current New Yorker there's an advertisement which depicts a couple of people in a jeep, apparently on safari in Africa or something, and the ad copy is:
"Current moral dilemma:
Spend it all?
Or leave it to the kids?

Yes, we love them. Yes, they need money.
No we can't sit around
and not have fun.
After all, giving them money
will only keep them from
learning how to earn it. Right?
But everything costs so
much more these days.
Maybe there's a way to
do both."

Emotional times require sound, unemotional financial advice.

Morgan Stanley
One client at a time.
OK. In what universe is "Do I give my kids a big stack of money, or do I go on a safari in Africa?" a moral dilemma?

I could say more, but eh.