June 11th, 2005

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Sunday walking reminder, plus random other content

Just a reminder that if you want to walk down Blackstone Boulevard to Hope Street for ice cream at Maximillian's tomorrow (Sunday June 12) meet us at Myopic Books on Wayland Square at 3 pm. Myopic's full address is 5 South Angell Street. If you need a ride to Myopic or something let me know.
Today I ended up taking an unplanned walk through the Swan Point cemetery with cgoldfish and my friend Craig (who was visiting from out of town). Later Craig and I went out for Thai food with christychristy and her boyfriend Dennis. It was a good day.

While I'm mentioning good days, I should say that I had a great time at margo_virago's party last night. Rock on!

Craig's left to drive back to New Jersey, so I think the rest of the evening will be spent watching Netflix and knitting.
accordion santa


For those who have met him now, Craig actually has a livejournal, although I think he's only used it once and I'm not sure how much he actually reads livejournal. Still, if you want to friend him, his journal is cpr94.
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