June 19th, 2005

accordion santa

A busy day

Yesterday was a pretty busy day. I went down to East Greenwich to play acoustic music with Chris Monti for a couple of hours at Main Street Music starting at 11 am. There was quite a crowd in there for a while, including a couple of kids (8-10 years old maybe? I'm bad at estimating ages) who seemed interested in what was going on. My friend Rachel Ede who's in town for a week also showed up and played a few tunes on the fiddle. I always love hearing her play.

I could have hung out there for hours, but I had things to do, so I ended up taking off around 1:45, only forty-five minutes behind schedule. Next up was a baby shower for Ed Demille and his girlfriend who are due to have a son at the end of July. I brought a stuffed mystery creature that I knitted and some fragments of a baby sweater that I was hoping would be done in time but wasn't. The funniest gift was a black onesie with 'AC/DC' printed on it. (Someone also brought a bunch of plain white onesies and clothing paint so that guests could design their own; there were a lot of cute ones, and someone made one that said 'DADDY DRINKS BECAUSE I CRY', which was much appreciated.)

After that it was back to my apartment for a ten-minute nap and to pack up music equipment, then I was off to Cumberland to play at the Blackstone with Third Story Congress (aka the dance band). We ended up playing a lot longer than expected because one of the three bands that was booked to play broke up. I went home after a song or two by the second band (Private Tremendous), went to bed, and slept for ten hours.

(I started writing about today, but after a few paragraphs realized that not too much happened that was interesting to anyone but me. To summarize: I ran into three people I knew today [Harmony a.k.a. B.C., oliviazb, and a woman named Maggie who I haven't seen in a year or two] and decided to make a couple of pies, which I am taking a break from making right now.]