June 24th, 2005

accordion santa

Walking! Yes indeed!

Band practice has been cancelled tonight, so if anyone would like to take a nice little walk someplace let me know.

Left to my own devices I will probably wander around downtown and then have dinner at Trinity Brewhouse or somewhere, but I'm happy to walk around the East Side (or anywhere else) instead if interested people would prefer that!
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    Danger Zone - Johnny Adams
accordion santa

random joke

A hipster walks into a diner. [That line probably immediately dates this joke.] He says to the waitress, "I've got a craving for some apple pie." The waitress responds, "I'm sorry, sir, but the apple pie is gone." The hipster says, "Hey, I'll have a slice of that crazy pie!"

[Man, 45 minutes until the weekend.]

Edit: If you don't get the joke, this might help.