July 1st, 2005

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walking and food

I have no practice scheduled for this evening (I might go to Tazza to see the Super Chief Trio at some point, but I'm not feeling all that enthusiastic about it) so if people are interested maybe this evening would be a good time to go walking and have dinner.

I figure something similar to Wednesday, when we walked from Wayland Square area to Kabob & Curry, had dinner, and walked back.

Or we could just walk and I could get dinner elsewhere on my own. What are people in to?
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What is it with this sudden profusion of email programs that use something other than CRLF to end lines?

Oh, wait, it's not a profusion of email programs. It's Microsoft Exchange.
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accordion santa

Evening plans revisited

It looks like we'll be taking a big walk from the Wayland Square area down to the Red Fez and back. More details can be found in the comments on my last post and you can also comment or email, etc. if you want more details.

But it occurs to me that there might be people who aren't totally psyched to go for a big walk down and up College Hill but who still might want to meet up at the Fez. If that's you, I'm guessing that we'll get there around 7:30, give or take 15 minutes or so, and will stick around for a while.

I'll bring my cellphone, so if you want to find out where we are before you head over you can call me at 401-419-0367.

(Also, the Tazza show starts at 10 pm, but I'm going to wait until I see how I feel post-walk before deciding whether to go or not.)
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