July 6th, 2005


Friday food

People have been talking about lunch over in restartsmyheart's journal and it is making me hungry. After looking at my schedule and all, I think that it would be nice to meet for lunch somewhere at 1 pm on Friday, July 8. Who is interested?

In terms of where lunch should take place, three main possibilities come to mind, but I am not wed to any of them, so if anyone else has an idea they should post it. Because of where everyone is I think it should best be near the jewelry district or else on Wickendon Street somewhere.

The ideas I thought of: were:

1) Someplace with Thai food. Is there a good Thai place around Wickendon/the jewelry district? I don't know.

2) At Jake's -- the old standard.

3) We could bring sandwiches (or whatever) and eat picnic-style in India Point park. (peachcrush suggested this last week but the weather ended up not working out.) It might rain on Friday, though, depending on whether we get hit by a hurricane or not. (Accuweather seems to be oddly noncommittal on the subject.)

What do you think?
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