July 25th, 2005



The bastards lost my bags. argh.

Backing up:

Every so often I have to go down to Maryland to visit corporate headquarters for a few days of meetings and training. This time my boss asked me if I could bring my guitar, since some of the other folks were going to have musical instruments and he thought there might be fun to be had. I said sure.

Departure day was today yesterday Sunday. I went to a party with Chris where we were the hired entertainment, which was fun, and then bugged out early to head back to the apartment, unload my car, and go to the airport. cgoldfish was kind enough to offer to drive me there, which she did. I got to T.F. Green airport, checked my bag and my guitar, and took the flight.

To save money my employer pretty much never books me a direct flight, and it's rare that this doesn't result in some sort of inconvenience (above and beyond having to run around the Philidelphia airport for an hour). Today's first inconvenience was that although my connecting flight arrived on time its staff did not, and so the flight ended up leaving really late. Then it turned out that my baggage had been misplaced somewhere. Then, when I went to the MARC/Amtrak station to get to the hotel it turned out that the last train was at midnight.

Fortunately I brought lots of reading material, so I haven't quite run out yet. On the flight back it may be necessary to knit.

If my guitar is damaged I will be unhappy.

Well, anyway, I will be back late Wednesday (unless one of my return flights gets cancelled, which happened half the times I made this trip last year), and I will be very happy to be back in Providence. I will probably want to sleep for a week.

Sorry to any DC area folks who are reading this and are wondering why I haven't been in touch to arrange anything; unfortunately, I don't think there will be any time for me to do anything fun this trip.

I won't even talk about the hotel situation, because this post is long and whiny enough already.

Mid-afternoon update

Suitcase & guitar: Still missing.
Headache: Persisting.
US Airways baggage status form: Amusingly useless.

I just took four Advil so hopefully problem #2 will be less pressing soon, anyway.

(Despite all this, my mood isn't too bad.)

Also, remind me to tell you about the meeting when I get back. Hilarity abounds!

OK, I guess I should get back to paying attention to the training I'm in.