July 26th, 2005

accordion santa

US Airways responds:

Here's what they say:
It appears your email address has changed. If we should use this new address, please update your contact information here.
I click on the link and it asks for my email address. I type in my email address and am informed:
Login Failed
The login ID and password combination you provided is invalid.
If you believe you may have mistyped either value, use the browser Back button to return to the login page and try again.

If you believe you have forgotten your password, use the browser Back button to return to the login page and request that your password be emailed to you.
Of course the original screen didn't ask for a password and also it doesn't have any instructions for getting the password emailed to me.

I typed in a different email address and it worked. This is pretty outstanding.
accordion santa


I just called US Airways again and their psychic hotline informed me that my luggage has been found and will be delivered to the address I provided within 4-5 hours. This is very welcome! Now to see if this actually happens and if my guitar is OK.
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OK, maybe I am a little angry now

At around 5:50 I called US Airway's phone line again to check on the status of the baggage. I was told that it would be delivered in 4-6 hours as usual. In a new twist, I was told that this was the latest status as of "ZERO SIX".

So I hung up and simmered for a little while, then called back and hit zero a bunch of times. While in the past this didn't accomplish anything other than getting me put in the phone queue for eternity, this time it actually put me through to someone.

He informed me that they didn't have an address on file to deliver the baggage to, so the delivery company returned it to the airport. The baggage supposedly will be there waiting for me when I return to the airport tomorrow evening for my flight back. If it isn't I guess at least I will actually be at the baggage claim office, so it will not be possible for them to hide from me.