August 2nd, 2005

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overheard in Providence

I think this was last week. cgoldfish and I were walking from Wickendon Street to Wayland Square when a guy on a bicycle went weaving past us. He was steering with one hand and talking on a cell phone with the other and was really not concentrating on going in a straight line at all, so it was a little hazardous. It wasn't really clear who he was talking to, but we did hear one snippet of the conversation as he went past:
"I'm just really frustrated! I haven't had any sex!
So now whenever I see someone riding a bicycle in a kind of a hazardous way now (which isn't an entirely uncommon occurrence) I think to myself, "Aw, he's probably just frustrated because he hasn't had any sex."

The end.
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The evening report

This evening my father and stepmother came up to deliver my knitting bag and its contents (which I left in Massachusetts last weekend). I treated them to dinner at A Taste of India on Wickendon, and then we headed over to Nick-A-Nees to meet up with cgoldfish and saucypunk for drunken knitting.

As we were leaving Taste of India we ran into christychristy and Dennis, who were just returning from (finally) retrieving Dennis's new car, which is nice and shiny.

Nick-a-Nees was lots of fun as usual. I got a few rows done on the big sweater, put a couple of bucks in the jukeboxes (ten songs for a dollar!) and set my parents loose on them, and everyone played some Simpsons pinball. We did not avail ourselves of the free peanuts because we were all stuffed. Then everyone went home.

Over the weekend I finished up a couple of projects that have been kicking around for a while, and now they are back in my possession, so I'll be distributing them to the people I made them for soon. I just took some pictures of them, so here they are. Lots of thanks to saucypunk, who showed me how to make the crocheted border for the hat!

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Walking this week

Things are a little chaotic this week (is there a week when this isn't the case?) but there are a couple of times that I definitely want to walk.

The first is Thursday evening before snbprov, probably meeting near Reflections on Wickendon Street at around 6:20 pm and walking around India Point Park or to Wayland Square and back or something along those lines.

The second is something I've been wanting to do again for a few weeks but it's a bit time consuming ...

The idea is to meet up on Friday at around 7 pm (this time is flexible and can be moved forward or back if that's more convenient for anyone) on the East Side (maybe near Wayland Square), walk down College Hill to the Red Fez, have dinner, and then walk back. It's a nice walk and dinner at the Fez punctuates it pleasantly.

If you're interested in either walk let me know!