August 3rd, 2005

accordion santa

OK, dammit

Does anyone in Providence want to go out for a drink tonight? This heat is killing me.

Oh, for the rest of the evening: I went to Fall Rivers to the open mike at the Narrows Center for the Arts. Chris Monti played first, I played second, and then the featured act, a guitar/fiddle duo who were quite good, performed. Then I went home because I was feeling a little ill from the heat and there was no air conditioning.

Chris played a couple of originals -- 'cats' and 'King Solomon and Zen Master Nam Cheon' -- and a Dylan tune, sounding good as usual. I played a Blind Willie McTell song ('That'll Never Happen No More'), an original ('Lady Luck'), and a Chris Monti tune ('Thorn In Your Side'). I kind of screwed up the last tune and felt acutely self-conscious during all three songs, but overall I think it went pretty OK -- as I was leaving some dude said I sounded good and asked me about the McTell song.

I gotta practice up if I'm going to play at westsideARTS next month!

Anyway. Drink! Tonight! Anyone?

Update: I'm gonna pick up cgoldfish and head to Trinity Brewhouse. Join us if you dare!

Update #2: I'm back home. Ah, air conditioning.