August 5th, 2005

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walk to Red Fez rescheduled

My mother's coming down for dinner tonight and probably wouldn't appreciate being made to walk down and up College Hill, so the walk to the Red Fez will be tomorrow, not today.

When: Saturday, August 6, 7 pm

Where: Meet at Myopic Books in Wayland Square just before 7 (I can pick people up if desired)

What: Walk to the Red Fez, have dinner, and walk back.

Who: Me, saucypunk, cgoldfish, anyone else who's interested.

If you want to join in, let me know!
accordion santa

Pleasant evening.

As previously mentioned, my mother and her boyfriend Frank came down to Providence for dinner tonight. Frank's daughter Naamah also joined us.

My first thought was to go someplace on Federal Hill, but parking was pretty nutty, so I quickly decided that plan B was to go to Julian's on Broadway. This was a good call -- parking was pretty easy and we got a table immediately. I had the crispy hot and sweet duck with bacony lentils and broccoli and for dessert the strawberry rhubarb white chocolate tart with lattice crust. It was all divine.

I chatted with my mother about various goings-on and just had a generally pleasant time. When we left Julian's the temperature was in the high 70s, which is just about perfect.

It was a good evening. I hope you all had a nice Friday night also.
While I'm thinking of it, and to annoy doctroid:

Tomorrow afternoon/evening there's going to be kickball in the West End. [website] The Decatur Drunksefenders will be playing at 3 and the Bike Panthers (margo_virago's team) will be on at 4. I think everyone who's expressed an interest in walking tomorrow evening will be there, so if we have the time and inclination we might do some strategizing and plan-changing there. (Also, let me know if you'd like a ride to see kickball.)
I have some other plans for tomorrow morning and early afternoon. We shall see if they come to fruition! Oh yes!
In less good news, I had to rip out about an inch of the baby sweater owing to doofusness. Currently I'm engaged in getting all of the stitches back on the knitting needles without dropping any. (But I am in a good mood anyway.)