August 9th, 2005

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On a more cheerful note

Last weekend's secret project went well.

cgoldfish wants to make the computer room in her apartment robot-themed, so she suggested to a few people, including me, that we might want to make robot pictures for her.

So on Saturday I did some test sketches to see what I wanted to do, and on Sunday I dug out my art supplies and did a charcoal (well, mostly; there are a couple of pastels in there and a little pencil) of a robot.

At some point I had said to Carrie that I would draw a picture of a robot cab driver, but when I was doing the sketches I realized that I was going to have a lot of trouble drawing a recognizable cab, so I fooled around with some other ideas and eventually came up with this.

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I brought it over on Sunday and cgoldfish seemed to quite like it. Huzzah!

Charcoal is fun, and so are robots.
bunny ears

Which Wikipedia article did I consult in writing this?

Is My Child Becoming Homosexual? If he doesn't want to grow up to be something macho, like a police officer, an Indian chief, a construction worker, a soldier, a leatherman, or a cowboy, then maybe so! Also, note that hanging out with girls is really gay.

But if so, don't worry. Professional help is available. To help your child:

1. Reassure him that you love him very much just the way he is.

2. For God's sake, try to fix him as quickly as possible.

This public service announcement is brought to you by stupid people.
Van Halen

Oh, man.

My sister called me a little while to let me know that while she was cleaning the basement (she's currently living in the house we grew up in) she found a box containing giant scarves I made while in high school. Including one with a Van Halen logo. (I made that one for my friend Rick, who was a big VH fan, and I thought I mailed it to him at some point, but apparently not.)

Sometime in the next few weeks, maybe as soon as this weekend, I will retrieve these scarves, and there will be pictures. Big, embarrassing pictures. That is a promise from me to you.
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