August 11th, 2005

accordion santa

September 3, West Side Arts

OK, a while ago I booked a show at West Side Arts. I had hoped to book it for September 10 or 17, but those dates were taken, so I ended up with September 3. Or to make it a little more tabular:

Where: West Side Arts in the Columbus Theater.

When: Saturday September 3 at 8 pm.

Who: Me and probably one or two other performers.

Regarding that last item: I'm hoping to get my cousin David, who can be heard performing The Lion Song here, to split the bill with me (and maybe we'd play a few songs together too). However I think he's currently in Denmark and I'm not sure if he will be back in time.

So: If any of you would like to play, or if you know someone who would be compatible with what I'd be playing (basically solo guitar/piano stuff), let me know. (Then we can split the time either two or three ways depending on if David can make the show or not.)

Regarding the date: It took me a while to realize that this is Labor Day weekend, so probably many of you will be out of town or otherwise will already have plans. If you are in town, though, I hope that you stop by. I've been working on the material and will try to make it a fun show!

accordion santa


After the useless and unpleasant blood-giving experience described previously the evening got much more pleasant. cgoldfish (who was also missing the pool party owing to a hair appointment) had suggested that we have some post-giving-blood ice cream, so I headed over around 8 pm and we had some triple chocolate ice cream with syrup. It was very good, and chatting with cgoldfish was very fun, as it always is.

At some point recently I mentioned that I had the most recent season of Doctor Who on DVD and Carrie had expressed some interest in seeing it, so I brought a few discs over and (after ice cream in the courtyard) we watched the first couple ('Rose' and 'The End of the World'). Carrie said she was hooked, so we plan watch some more on Monday, hopefully including the first two-parter, which I think is the first really excellent story of the new series.

In other news: less than two tapes left until the end of Harry Potter book six. With a little luck I'll finish them on the drive up to my sister's this weekend, as she and her husband want to borrow the set after I'm done with it.