August 13th, 2005


Oh, man.

So OK, I'm in Massachusetts and my sister has given me the big box of scarves that I knit in high school. This is when I learned that there are four scarves (ranging in length from six foot eleven inches to eleven foot two inches). Man. They sure capture a certain segment of my life, all right.

I think I'll try washing and drying them tomorrow (they've been in the basement for years, so I think they could use it, although they don't seem particularly dirty or anything -- good old synthetic fibers) and, if cgoldfish is willing to help out, maybe on Monday we'll get the cavalcade of embarrassing photos out of the way.

I'm not sure what I'll do with these things, although I note that there seems to be a lot of interest swirling around the one with the Van Halen logo. It also includes a question mark and a Boston Bruins logo (I don't know if this increases or decreases its desirability though). It seems pretty clear that I was figuring out how to do intarsia when I was making this scarf.

Also, just for cgoldfish: Pinball.