August 30th, 2005

accordion santa

inflatable torso

The torso is now inflated, and I have the pictures to prove it. I threw a couple of DVDs into some of the pictures in an attempt to give some sort of sense of scale. If anyone wants to see it (or have custody of it) that should be arranged ...

Here is what remains to be done with Mr. Creepy Inflated Male Torso before Carrie' birthday party a week from Friday:

* A head should be designed and affixed to it. I was thinking that a simple rectangular box could be fine, since it's supposed to be a robot and all.

* Are there any other adjustments that should be made before the papier mache is put on? I was thinking about making the shoulders boxier for instance. Suggestions are welcomed.

* After that, it will be enveloped in papier mache and allowed to dry. This probably has to happen several times. Does anyone have any experience with this sort of thing?

* It should be painted. Black? Silver? Both? Opinions?

* Stuff that would be used to decorate it at the party should be collected. I'm thinking that a hot glue gun is a necessity, as would be washers of various random sizes and sharpies and such. Perhaps spray paint?

All suggestions are welcomed, and if anyone wants to take custody of the torso for a few days and work some magic on it that's for sure pretty awesome, yes.

The pictures follow. They're pretty big.

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