September 1st, 2005

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Thinking about the show on Saturday

So. Show. Saturday at westsideARTS at the Columbus Theatre.

The show starts at 8:30 pm and I figure it will go on until 11:30 or midnight. If it's just me playing then I think I'll do two sets, one from 8:30 to 9:30 or so, then a long one from 10 pm until close. In the unlikely event that someone turns up at the last minute who wants to split the bill then we'd probably each do hour and a half sets. (I just sent another message to Steve at westsideARTS, and it hasn't bounced yet, so hopefully this will get straightened out for once and all.)

I've got a collection of originals that I want to do in either situation.

  • Editors at War (lyrics by plorkwort)
  • Ezra's Song (written for my nephew)
  • Hybrid Car
  • I'm a Guy (written for galliusrex)
  • Kitten Knitting Blues (lyrics by urbeatle)
  • Lady Luck
  • Molesting Yarn (written for penelope_arcade)
  • Pickle Postcard (written for margo_virago)
  • "Pumpkin, Mrs. Farnsworth" (lyrics by mckcb)
  • Walking Stick Making (lyrics by urbeatle)
  • Watching Killer Robots Eat Your Head

Some new stuff there ...

Also I've got a bunch of covers that I might do -- more than I actually need even if I play the whole night, so some will probably get left out.

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So! If you're going to be at the show, but you won't be there for the whole thing, and there's anything in particular you want to hear, let me know and I'll fix up the set lists so you'll get to hear it.

christychristy gave me my 'Imaginary Internet Man' shirt last night, which is an awesome shirt, and I will be wearing it on Saturday. People better take pictures!

I'm a little freaked out!