September 2nd, 2005


Reports come in

Regarding my cousin Cristine, who's in the army and came back from Iraq in April, my aunt and uncle report:
She just called & is leaving today being sent someplace for hurricane relief. She thinks that she may be gone about a month.
Chris Monti writes:
Just looked at some aerial pics of New Orleans with my sister and her boyfriend who just happened to be up visiting us from Louisiana. "This is where my house was... this is where my mom's house was." So weird to see light sparkling off the water in the midst of residential neighborhoods. Jeeze....
accordion santa

Saturday evening

After some correspondence with the westsideARTS folks, it turns out that the show will start at 9 pm (not 8:30 pm as I had thought) and that I should show up around 8 pm or so to set up and do a soundcheck.

Anyone want to go for dinner at 6:30 or so? (This is tomorrow, Saturday September 3.) Maybe the Red Fez or someplace West End-y?